Why oLi is used by Learners?

  • Repository of notes from class
  • Self-test yourself to gauge understanding of the subject material
  • Save paper and printing costs
  • Evidence of your assessments
  • Educators instructions made clear and in one place
  • Understand what is expected of you when it is expected
  • Understand how your marks are allocated
  • Link to a registered school that can provide you with bona fide reporting

Why oLi is used by Parents?

  • Keep tabs on your child’s education and performance – view evidence of assessment and learning
  • Dash board enables quick view of performance and completion
  • Gauge the quality of teaching and lesson materials
  • Assist your child by helping them to plan around due dates of assignments and tests
  • Makes engaging with your child’s effort at school easy

Why oLi is used by Educators?

  • Organisational facilities and time saving benefits
  • Central repository for all your materials – chose which ones to publish at what dates
  • Link in to other developers materials for use in your classroom
  • Evidence of assessment all in one place
  • Pace and communicate to your class through the oLi portal – reliable and understandable
  • Empower learners to take responsibility for their learning and assignments
  • Engage learners through technology, flip your classroom with videos, additional research, quizzes
  • Remediate and advance learners
  • Engage learners who are travelling away from the class-room
  • Instil an excitement for and pride in your subject
  • Allow parents a window to individual learner performance - engage parents in the learning process
  • Educators get timely, targeted feedback about their learners’ progress
  • Automatic grading saves time and provides instant feedback
  • Wide range of assessments can be conducted to suit all learning styles
  • Educators may join course evaluation studies, projects, and development teams

Why oLi is used by Schools?

  • The platform can benefit all types and sizes of institutions.
  • Using data on learner performance, schools can improve educational outcomes and completion rates.
  • Save paper and printing costs
  • Institutions that work with oLi build relationships with leading-edge research groups, organizations, and partners.
  • Transparency in the assessment process – records and copies in the cloud.
  • Fidelity of marks collected
  • Accountability from Educators to provide evidence of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Engage parents to become responsible parties
  • Preloaded content available for courses developed by experienced Educators
  • Support families who travel
  • Support a wide range of learners in your community who prefer to study at home
  • Utilise Educators with special skills to compliment your organisations staffing without incurring full-time costs.


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