Who is oLi?

The Open Learning Initiative - oLi.college, borne out of a vision of collaboration amongst schools and training institutions:  Resources such as educators, learning materials, projects, questions can be housed on one platform, available to many. ‘Teaching tomorrows skills today’.  

There are a number of courses hosted on oLi.college waiting for you to explore.  Try a FREE or PROMO course, register as a student for free to get access to quizzes.  Teachers can apply to get FREE access to flip the classroom and design course content.


oLi is also the personification of the technology.  He is an ordinary learner who aims to ‘keep it real’ in a digital world that is fast becoming intangible. 


oLi is aimed at registered learning institutions who want to support their learners with tech savvy solutions: learners who want to embrace technology as part of their learning experience: teachers who want to contribute to an expanding digital resource: parents who want to support the learning process.

oLi serves the teaching and learning environment working hand-in-hand with the teacher. With oLi, class time can be used far more effectively. 

The technology used is configured to provide relevant, media-rich content, allowing for automated assessments which give immediate feedback and marked assignments to meet the reporting requirements of various stakeholders.

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Why oLi?

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