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1. Student Access

Student access allows students to register for courses, and provides access to the "MyCollege" menu which includes full access to:

All purchased courses - course lessons and quizzes, essay submissions and file uploads.

Access to a list fo all files uploaded by the student for teacher review.

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2. Parent Access

Parent Access allows parents to monitor students via a simple dashboard, giving parents access to a simple set of reports, allowing parents to view quiz scores and course completion progress.

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3. Teacher Access

Register as a TEACHER now - you will be able to:

  • share resources with other teachers;
  • manage students linked to your courses;
  • mark student essays and uploaded files;
  • earn commission for managing courses linked to you;
  • create, and edit course content to suit your needs;

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4. School's Access

Flip the classroom. Track learner and educator performance while engaging parents in the teaching and learning process. Schools have a unique opportunity to expand their reach, allowing them to access additional markets (e.g. home-schoolers in their area), by being able to register through Schools will have access to pre-loaded courses (currently limited to the Cambridge Assessment program) and can link their own teachers to courses linked to the school.

Once registered as an Affiliate School, the school will be able to: 

  • earn commission for every course sold, where a registering student selects your school as the affiliated school;
  • assign your own teachers to manage the students and mark their essays.
  • create your own courses and create your own content, and earn commission as a course content creator;

Nominal charge per user. 

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