Ros Gerber

Teaching tomorrows skills today is driving my teaching and learning.  Using this platform to host my courses is a journey of discovery and imagination.  Students can tap into a dynamic, media rich resource that both stimulates and tracks learning.  The will for self regulation and effective use of time are essential ingredients for success in my learning environments. Life is journey, enjoy the ride.

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
IGCSE Mathematics 20-08-2016
IGCSE Economics 02-11-2016
Checkpoint 3 Mathematics 08-11-2016
IGCSE Biology Assessment Course 01-02-2017
AS Economics 14-02-2017
IGCSE Computer Science 15-02-2017
AS Business 20-02-2017
IGCSE Art and Design 21-02-2017
IGCSE Business Finance 23-08-2017
AS Computer Science 11-10-2017
AS Business Addendum 21-11-2017
IGCSE Business Operations Management 18-01-2018