Lola Le Grange


My name is Lola and I am a content creator, marker and teacher for Oli. I have a passion for teaching, specifically in teaching Mathematics and Accounting. I live on a sailing yacht and have experience in the Cambridge home schooling environment as I home-schooled my own children [to complete IGCSE and A level] while taking a sailing adventure in the Indian ocean with them.

I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Science while working full time and followed this up with a PGCE whilst teaching full time. I am currently studying further in Mathematics as I believe learning is life.

Before embarking on a full time teaching position I tutored Accounting students for 4 years on a part time basis, giving “crash courses” and private lessons aimed at assisting in examination preparation and success. I have also assisted numerous home schooled and boat schooled learners in preparing for their IGCSE and A level examinations in numerous subjects including English, Accounting, Mathematics and the Sciences.

Since February 2014, I have been a full time teacher teaching IGCSE, AS and A level. I am a hardworking, self-motivated, punctual and organised individual. I am seldom ill and always willing to put the extra effort into everything I do. I aim to mark work in record time and assist students to attain their best result in their final exams.

I hope you will enjoy working with me and that I can assist you to achieve your dreams.

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
IGCSE Geography 30-08-2016
IGCSE Physics 03-03-2017
AS English Language 25-05-2017
AS English Language & Literature 25-05-2017
AS English Literature: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri 25-05-2017
International Grade 7 Checkpoint 1 05-11-2017
International Grade 8 Checkpoint 2 05-11-2017
International Grade 9 Checkpoint 3 05-11-2017
Heatherhill International Grades 7-9 Promo Course 09-12-2017