Heatherhill International Grades 7-9 Promo Course

  • Teacher: Lola Le Grange, Abraham Aryeetey, Yolande Stander, Naomi Juyn
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ENGLISH Introduction to Your Course


This course show-cases the content that you can find in the courses supplied by Heatherhill School to support the Checkpoint years.


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Lola Le Grange


My name is Lola and I am a content creator, marker and teacher for Oli. I have a passion for teaching, specifically in teaching Mathematics and Accounting. I live on a sailing yacht and have experience in the Cambridge home schooling environment as I home-schooled my own children [to complete IGCSE and A level] while taking a sailing adventure in the Indian ocean with them.

I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Science while working full time and followed this up with a PGCE whilst teaching full time. I am currently studying further in Mathematics as I believe learning is life.

Before embarking on a full time teaching position I tutored Accounting students for 4 years on a part time basis, giving “crash courses” and private lessons aimed at assisting in examination preparation and success. I have also assisted numerous home schooled and boat schooled learners in preparing for their IGCSE and A level examinations in numerous subjects including English, Accounting, Mathematics and the Sciences.

Since February 2014, I have been a full time teacher teaching IGCSE, AS and A level. I am a hardworking, self-motivated, punctual and organised individual. I am seldom ill and always willing to put the extra effort into everything I do. I aim to mark work in record time and assist students to attain their best result in their final exams.

I hope you will enjoy working with me and that I can assist you to achieve your dreams.

Abraham Aryeetey

Yolande Stander

Naomi Juyn

I have always loved science! Ever wondered what makes the sea smell like the sea? It is all about chemicals made by organisms living in the sea. Sea creature farts! Or why does jelly set when we add canned fruit but not when we use fresh fruit? The answer is that enzymes in the fresh fruit break down the proteins that cause jelly to set. Science is great!

Science has answers to most questions and  ways to find answers to new questions. I hope my students will see it for the fascinating thing it is!

A little about me...

I started my science studies with a B.Sc degree at the NWU. I went onto honors and I am currently doing a masters degree. In between I went to Japan for five years (Yes, I can speak Japanese), taught at various high schools (Biology, Chemistry, Technology, Natural Sciences, etc), did some environmental research and so on. I also like to cook, take photos, walk on the beach, read manga, etc.

ENGLISH Introduction to Your Course
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